Digital post regarding kids to be sent to both parents

At the moment it is generally only mothers who would receive digital mail pertaining to their children via eBoks

When it comes to information from the public sector relating to children, it is usually dispatched digitally to the eBoks of the mother.

However, a new law later this year will see digital mail pertaining to children end up in the eBoks of both parents.

“Today, it is typically the mother who receives digital mail from the public sector, so it’s good that the law will ensure that both parents will be sent messages about their kids, for instance, from the kindergarten, school or the dentist,” said the equality minister, Peter Hummelgaard.

“In many families, parents share responsibilities and practical tasks involving their kids. Communication from the public sector should reflect that.”

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Gone till November
More specifically, the law means that public authorities must dispatch digital mail to both parents, whether they live together or not.

The law will come into effect when the state embraces a new digital mail solution in November 2021.