Feel the Shamrock Love this St Patrick’s Day!

The 3-Legged Charity Race might have been cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped it supporting the charities closest to its heart

Rocky had a heart of gold, right? 

And likewise the shamrock – its composition is a tad oxymoronic too. 

It is neither a bogus act nor an unmoved subject, but when its components are combined to blossom into Ireland’s national plant, it represents a love that flows with the energy of the country’s people.

Echoes of yesteryear
Today in Copenhagen, the streets are quiet … not an Irish greyhound in sight.

The cobble-stoned squares – the stories they could tell – subdued by circumstance. 

Even the Irish pubs, at this hour in previous years already submerged by an ocean of green, knee-deep in Guinness and whiskey, enraptured by fiddlers on the hoof … they too are silent.

The infectious enthusiasm of the annual three-legged race and parade … which for two decades have transformed the Danish capital into a party town like no other on March 17 … we will have to celebrate St Patrick’s Day without them.

The love can still flow
For Siobhán Kelleher-Petersen, the co-founder and organiser of the three-legged race, the coronavirus can spoil our fun, but it can’t kill the ‘Shamrock Love’, a global Irish community network that supports charities that matter.

“We use the shamrock as a symbol to spread some love around our community and beyond – this is what we call ‘Shamrock Love’,” she explained.

“Again, there wasn’t a celebration this year, but thanks to everyone who donates to the charity, the Shamrock Love can still flow.”

Charities that help children
The St Patrick’s Day 3-Legged Charity Race has raised 517,000 kroner since 2007 – mainly derived from entry fees and donations, which it is able to retain in full thanks to the generosity of Guinness, the race’s main sponsor, which takes care of all the costs. 

This year, Shamrock Love will again be raising funds for three chosen charities: Danske Hospitalskovne (hospital clowns) in Denmark, Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice in Ireland, which provides palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions, and CCAFO, a school in Cambodia.

So while the adults might have been denied their fun this year, who said we can’t raise a smile on the faces of our children. 

To contribute, go to the Shamrock Love homepage and GoFundMe page.