Sweet surrender: Danes are world champs at candy consumption

On average, the Danes purchase 35 kilos of sweet ingestibles every year, according to new DTU research report

You may have noticed that the Danes enjoy a bit of salty liquorice. Well, perhaps that’s an understatement.

According to new research from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Danes are actually world-beaters when it comes to candy consumption.

The report showed that, on average, every Dane purchases 6.6 kilos of candy (not including chocolate) every year.

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Drinking more sweet drinks
When chocolate is thrown into the mix, only Ireland and Germany consume more.

In fact, the average Dane purchases 35 kilos of sweet ingestibles (candy, chocolate, ice cream, cake, desserts and snack bars) every year.

That figure has actually gone down from 38 kilos in 2005.

Denmark also ranks second overall behind the US when it comes to drinking sweet beverages, such as soft drinks, sugar-based juice (saft), energy drinks and sports drinks.

On average, the Dane drinks 127 litres every year – up from 106 litres in 2004.

The DTU figures are gleaned from Euromonitor, which collects data from 100 countries around the world. 

Read more here in the DTU report (in Danish).