Five Best Virtual Tours of Denmark

As the world is slowly opening up, amidst trying to establish a new sense of normality, for many travellers the prospect of international travel still seems somewhat out of reach.

Thankfully though, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to explore and discover all the hidden gems that Copenhagen and Denmark have to offer!

With incredible sights, a rich culture, history, many fascinating museums, stunning palaces and beautiful natural landscapes, the Nordic country of Denmark should absolutely be top of mind when considering where to travel once borders re-open. 

As a foretaste to the many wonderful sights worth exploring once you can do just that, here is a list of the 5 best virtual tours in Denmark to help you get a headstart on your travel plans, hopefully inspiring you to visit beautiful Denmark if you haven’t done so before!

Tour The Danish Museum of National History At Frederiksborg Castle

Situated in Hillerød, under an hour north of Copenhagen, lies the palatial Frederiksborg Castle that today houses the Danish Museum of National History. This exquisite castle was built in the early 17th century by King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway. Unfortunately, a terrible fire destroyed much of the castle in 1859 but thanks to brewer J.C. Jacobsen it was carefully and lovingly restored to its former glory and subsequently opened to the public as The Danish Museum of National History in 1882.

Today, you can tour the museum at Frederiksborg Castle virtually and learn about Danish history ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. Admire the Castle’s stunning rooms and interiors, view incredible art pieces and sculptures and learn about the nearly 500 years worth of history contained in these walls. What makes this virtual tour particularly interesting is that it’s completely immersive as you’ll be guided from to room listening to a knowledgeable guide explain as you go along.  

The National Museum of Denmark

The immersive virtual tours will take you inside the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, which is also the largest museum in the country. The museum not only showcases Danish history but also that of many foreign cultures, housing exhibits from around the world. Explore the Danish Middle Ages and Renaissance exhibition through the beautiful sculptures and paintings houses here, and follow the history of the Danes right up to the present day.

You are sure to have a fascinating time exploring the National Museum of Denmark virtually as you access all four floors of the museum, learning about Danish history dating back to thousands of years ago. 

Explore Windmill Park and Aeroe Island from Above 

Get a 360-aerial view of the Windmill park in the Aeroe island, which is now seen as the renewable energy island of Denmark. Forming part of the Danish Baltic Sea group of Islands in Denmark, one can see how renewable sources are being explored and encouraged in the country. Today, over 55% of the energy consumed by the island is renewable and sourced from solar, wind, and biomass. 

This aerial virtual tour of Windmill park allows you to fly to any corner of the island and admire the stunning nature and views out over one of the most beautiful islands of Denmark. 

The Black Diamond Library

Black Diamond is a modern extension to the Royal Library’s old building and was completed in 1999. Designed by Danish architects, this large-scale cultural building can be recognized by its irregular angles and polished black granite cladding. Located along Copenhagen’s waterfront, the popular library boasts a number of exhibition spaces and has a huge, glazed front facing the harbour. 

For literary buffs, a virtual tour of the Black Diamond Library will take them inside the library, where they can explore the different floors. Admire the silky concrete walls of the Atrium of floor A or enter the Queen’s Hall with a seating capacity of 408-600 seats. Go through the Kirkeby Bridge on floor C that links the Diamond with Preben Hansen’s building and admire its ceiling mural covered with oil painting on wood. The reading room is on floor C, and users can access this area as well. 

HC Andersen’s house, Odense

Visit the home of one of the world’s most famous fairy tale writers, Hans Christian Andersen, without ever stepping foot in Denmark. Take advantage of this virtual tour of the Hans Christian Andersen Museum that will take you inside the famous author’s house, which was established as a museum in 1908. 

The creators of the museum have used dolls and decorations to achieve a “live” fairytale-like effect allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the fantastical world of HC Andersen’s works that include stories like The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, and many more.