Denmark offers support to Ukraine in ongoing strife with Russia

Foreign minister Jeppe Kofod discusses situation with his Ukrainian counterpart as tensions rise on eastern border

As tensions continue to mount on Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia, the foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod, has assured Ukraine that it doesn’t stand alone.

In talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba, Kofod underscored Denmark’s support to Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs to know that it doesn’t stand alone. We are following the situation closely with our allies and partners in NATO and the EU in a show of support to Ukraine and to help de-escalate the situation,” said Kofod.

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Calls for more EU action
Kofod said that Russia’s recent military build-up on the Ukrainian border was a deep concern, as was the escalating reports of violence in the border region of Donbas.

Russia ought to take responsibility for the conflict – now ongoing for seven years – and take steps to defuse the situation, according to the foreign minister.

The two ministers also discussed Ukraine’s reforms, including tackling corruption and improving the country’s judicial and security services.

Denmark has encouraged the EU to focus more on Ukraine’s reform efforts – a line that will be further broached at the forthcoming EU foreign minister summit on April 19.

“Ukraine is in a different place compared to 2014. The ongoing reforms help strengthen Ukraine’s stability, democracy and European convergence,” said Kofod.

Meanwhile, Russia has denied playing a part in escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine and has shot down allegations that it is eyeing a war with Ukraine.