Denmark to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

Long-time military contribution to be gradually shipped home in co-ordination with the US and NATO, contends defence minister

Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden announced that all US troops would be pulled out of Afghanistan by September 11. 

Now the Danes, close allies of the US in the war against terrorism, have followed suit.

The government revealed yesterday that it would begin a gradual withdrawal of Danish troops from the country.

“In regards to the withdrawal we are now facing, it will occur in close co-ordination with our NATO allies and American colleagues,” the defence minister, Trine Bramsen, told TV2 News.

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Success or failure?
Denmark has had some form of military presence in Afghanistan for almost 20 years, with the first Danish soldiers arriving in early 2002.

At least 43 Danish soldiers have lost their lives while deployed in the country, while a further 214 have been wounded.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Danish mission has contributed to a more liberated Afghanistan – thanks in part to the Taliban no longer being in power.

However, numerous military analysts contend there is a great risk of the Taliban taking over again should NATO and the coalition forces leave the country.