Chilly weather making another return

Yet another weather deviation is on the way tomorrow as an Arctic front steadily moves in across the country

Denmark has finally been able to enjoy some nice weather over the last couple of days – coinciding nicely with the country starting to open up again.

But savour the flavour, because that looks set to change in the coming days with the impending arrival of an Arctic front.

According to DR Vejret, the cool air moving in across Denmark will lead to temperatures dropping down to single digits during the day and close to freezing at night.

The weather front will also bring chances of sleet and hail … much akin to the weather that followed the brief spell of warm weather we saw at the end of March.

To make matters worse, increased wind, particularly in coastal areas, will make it seem even colder. 

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UV got to be careful
And while the weather may stabilise over the weekend, the temperature will only peak at around 10-11 degrees.

In fact, that trend looks poised to continue, according to DMI’s weather forecast for Copenhagen looking ahead to the end of April.

DMI also revealed that when the spring sun does show its face, the public should be mindful of the UV index.

The meteorologists contended that high UV radiation from the sun will be a greater problem in the future due to climate change.