Unseasonably low pressure will bring two days of heavy rain and winds – and gale-force gusts

The precipitation will be constant, but the wind will be less predictable, hitting you out of nowhere, so be cautious!

The low pressure system arriving in Denmark today is likely to be the lowest for 24 years. It is likely to bring almost constant rain, gale force winds and the risk of sudden gusts that make it physically hard to stand.

Biblical deluge forecast 
The pressure system, which has been brewing northwest of Ireland, will result in between 10 and 15 mm of rain falling on Denmark today, with the northwest and southeast of the country experiencing the worst of it.

On Wednesday, another 10-20 mm is predicted to hit Denmark. This time the rain will intensify over parts of Zealand. Ringsted, in the south of the region, could be in for a deluge of biblical proportions, as 35 mm has been forecast.

Gale-force winds
But really, we should be more wary of the heavy winds coming our way, which have already seen gale-force conditions near the Kattegat and are now approaching the Wadden Sea

Southern Denmark will be particularly badly hit on Wednesday.

Rather bizarrely the winds will come from two different directions: from the southeast on Tuesday, and then from the west on Wednesday. 

Historically low pressure 
The low pressure is expected to bottom out at around 20:00 on Tuesday at a level of 982- 983 hectopascals – a more wintry level very rarely seen this late into the spring.

Should this happen, it will be the fourth lowest recorded pressure in May since 1842. 

In 1997, the air pressure reached 981.3 hectopascals in Skagen on May 6, and a record of 971.1 was set in 1898 on Fanø. 

Again, the pressure is expected to hit its lowest point in northern Jutland.