Local Round-Up: New Jenbanebyen district almost a cast-iron certainty

The Danish state railway operator, DSB, and the state-owned real estate arm Freja Ejendomme have taken another giant step towards developing a new city district close to the heart of Copenhagen.

Jernbanebyen, as its name suggests (iron tracks town), will be located on the huge expanse of now defunct DSB railway lines and buildings located south of Copenhagen Central Station, which can be seen from Fisketorvet and roads such as Vasbygade and Enghavevej.

Tender winners
DSB and Freja Ejendomme recently invited architecture companies and urban development experts to submit a tender to design the new district, and they have now confirmed that the winner was Team Cobe.

Its masterplan envisage an area made up of six neighbourhoods with housing, retail and business areas. The plan includes a green area and football pitches.

Mayor approval
Mayor Lars Weiss believes that the framework is crucial to supporting the future of the new area.

Here you start with the green and recreational element and build the city around it. It’s a different way of thinking about urban development. It will mark a paradigm shift in Copenhagen,” he said.

It may take a little while until the district is built. The city is now still working on implementing Team Cobe’s proposal into a comprehensive plan for the area.

Major water damage hits Copenhagen’s highest residential building
A burst water pipe at Frederiksberg’s Domus Vista, the tallest residential structure in Denmark, has resulted in 14 of its 29 floors being damaged. A large hot water pipe burst in the ceiling above the 16th floor. The damage was discovered on Sunday morning, and some of the mostly elderly residents were disappointed they were informed earlier of the damage as it put the buildings’ elevators out of service. 

Man killed in work accident at New Ellebjerg Station
A worker has died at the New Ellebjerg Station construction site. The circumstances are still unclear, but it is rumoured he might have been killed by a heavy item falling from a crane. A major construction project is busy transforming New Ellebjerg Station into a transport hub to relieve Copenhagen Central Station. It will include a station on the new southern extension of the Metro M4 line and should be ready in time for that route opening in 2024.

Flora and fauna hunting in the wilderness of Copenhagen
Now you can map the city’s flora and fauna on your phone as part of the City Nature Challenge. The iNaturalist app will help users to identify which wild animals, plants or fungi live side-by-side in our neighbourhoods. A photo competition is ongoing until Sunday to locate exotic species. Find out more via the app.

Valby to be an bee and insect-friendly area
A collective wants to make Valby the first certified bee and insect-friendly district in Denmark. The goal is to include five hectares. The city of Copenhagen has backed the project by contributing four hectares, so all the collective needs is one more. More than 100 residents in Valby have visited the website Valbiplanen.dk to donate square metres to the project. They have also donated balcony boxes, gardens and common areas. If the goal is achieved, Valby will be honoured with special recognition from the Danish Beekeepers Association.

Is the Center for Sexual Assault letting down homeless women?
Media reports have highlighted how the Center for Sexual Assault at Rigshospitalet rejects homeless women, and Liva Rehab, a Nordic organisation that focuses on supporting vulnerable people, has had enough. The centre argues that homeless women have unstable living conditions and therefore do not meet the criteria for help. Live Rehab contends that homeless women are often in constant flight to avoid abuse: a vicious circle that they need help to escape from

Drive-thru quick corona test facility causing major traffic jams in Amager
A drive-thru quick corona test facility in Copenhagen has closed down after causing major traffic jams near the Bella Center in Amager. The authorities tried to redirect traffic to Ørestad, but it was not good enough, as it caused more congestion, which triggered complaints in the neighborhood. Other locations are now being considered for the testing centre.