‘Lego Movie World’ to open on May 21

Among the new rides is a cinema experience that enables you to feel the wind passing through your hair

On May 21, Legoland Billund will open a new addition called ‘Lego Movie World’.

With a price of over 100 million kroner, it’s Legoland’s largest investment.

The expansion of 5,000 square metres includes three new rides. 

The opening was set for last year, but due to corona, it was postponed.

“We have been waiting for a very, very long time to open,” commented Christian Woller, the CEO of Legoland Billund.

First flying theatre in Scandinavia
“Lego Movie World is a themed experience, where our guests will feel that they are fully entering the familiar universe from the LEGO films,” explained Woller.

We will also open a unique ride that you can not try anywhere else in Scandinavia

The experience will enable visitors to sample Scandinavia’s first flying theatre: ‘Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Masters of Flight’. 

What’s a flying theatre, you ask! Well, guests will float around on Emmet’s sofa while watching a movie on a 180-degree dome screen that matches the sofa’s movements.

You will also feel wind in your hair, see fog around you and be exposed to different scents.