How a week of sustainability could equal a lifetime of prosperity

Copenhagen Business Academy students show pre-teen children at International School Hellerup how a few changes can go a long way

The week following Easter is short. Maybe that’s why students from the Copenhagen Business Academy chose it to carry out a sustainability experiment involving grades one to six at International School Hellerup.

For four days, children like Anya (above) were encouraged to think about their daily actions. They recycled their trash, ate vegetables, cleaned their local environment, planted seeds for future food, ditched the car and cycled to school (Remember! It was cold!) and remembered to turn off the electricity and tap when they weren’t using them.

The week exceeded expectations, according to co-organiser Sokol Aliaj Juul Jakobsen. “The event went so well, much better than expected, and the kids were so involved,” he enthused.

The kids were split into teams, and at the end of the week the best-performing outfits got to divide the loot. Among the sponsors providing t-shirts and other products were flour producer Agrain and Gorm’s pizza chain, which treated the triumphant children to some free cookery lessons. Mum and Dad must be over the moon!

Sokol and his colleague Tiago provided the theory

And then the kids put it into practice

Look at all those lovely prizes

From planting flowers and cycling to work, to taking the trash out and eating healthily, it was an experience that will stay with the kids … hopefully for the rest of their lives