Executive order permitting the public to get a scrapped vaccine to be signed today

The rubberstamping will make it possible to get the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine voluntarily – even if it’s not your turn yet according to the vaccination calendar.

After scrapping AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson from the Danish vaccination program, it will soon be possible to take the vaccines voluntarily.

Today, the minister of health, Magnus Heunicke, has signed an executive order that will enables the public to receive the vaccines.

“It will soon be a real opportunity for individual citizens to choose a faster vaccination than they will be able to get through the vaccination program,” confirmed Heunicke. 

Almost ready to go
The executive order will form the basis for the to-be-established vaccination scheme, but the next step is to sign a contract with a supplier. 

It is expected that the contract can be signed this week and that the first vaccinations can take place soon.

Contact your doctor first
There is a different procedure if you want to take one of the scrapped vaccines. Unlike the general vaccination program, an individual medical consultation with your doctor is needed. 

There you will get detailed information and must give your consent if you want to make use of the voluntary vaccination scheme.