Distortion 2021 not cancelled after all, and it starts tonight with a bite-sized chunk

Each concert will last for just 20 minutes, starting with Nørrebro tonight. Sounds like it will be loud enough for the whole district to hear!

This weekend should have been the one when you treated yourself to a sneaky long break to avoid the eternal din of the Distortion street festival in your neighbourhood.

But no, on April 19 the organisers announced the event would be cancelled.

How selfish of them!

Can you hear that? It’s in the air!
But now, it would appear they have had a change of heart, because starting from today, until June 6, there will be a Distortion going on … just that nobody knows exactly where!

‘There’s Something in the Air’, explains founder and organiser Thomas Fleurquin, will consist of a series of ‘surprise events’. 

“Distortion is a game with urban space. This year we can not do anything on the asphalt, where we gather thousands of people. But we can still make concerts that move while the music plays, and we can still change location day by day,” he explained.

Floating on water
Four ‘surprise’ concerts have been confirmed – without stages, although one will be “floating on water”. 

“The music will be spread through the streets of the neighbourhoods and across the rooftops. There is therefore no place to gather – you can experience it in most places in the district,” the program notes.

The concerts are tonight in Nørrebro, tomorrow in Vesterbro, on Friday in the city centre, and on Saturday close to the harbour – all 20 minutes long from 19:00-19:20.

“If you want to get a little closer to the concert on Saturday, it requires that you get a boat.”

Find out how to hire a boat package here.