Copenhageners the least anxious home-based employees in the world, according to new ranking

Many remain confident about their careers despite their remote setting, study finds

The pandemic has crippled many – physically, mentally and financially. But Copenhageners who work at home have emerged relatively unscathed, according to a new ranking, which suggests they are the least anxious anywhere in the world. 

To study the effect of the pandemic on those who work at home, Small Business Prices assessed 43 cities to reveal where they are most likely to face anxiety.

And its study concludes that Copenhagen has been the best place. Indeed, many workers based at home remain confident they have a promising career ahead of them despite the pandemic.

Copenhagen topped the ranking for both contentment, annual working hours and rates of depression. 

Most anxious workers
Copenhagen was followed by Prague, Zurich, Reykjavík and Berlin in the rankings. Olso, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Amsterdam and Vienna completed the top ten. 

South African city Cape Town ranked bottom followed by Athens and Istanbul.

Research published by Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that focuses on health issues, revealed that both remote and onsite workers are also grappling with serious mental health consequences due to COVID-19.

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