Cracking weather ahead this week

It seems like the sunny weather is the gift that keeps on giving

After a weekend of non-stop sun, it’s not over yet with the warm weather although maybe you wouldn’t say that if you’ve been looking out of your office window in Copenhagen today.  

In other parts of the country, it’s been mostly blue skies with only a few clouds, with temperature ranging from 18 to 23 degrees, although it’s been burning hot in Bornholm, where it’s reached 25 degrees and has been sunny all day long.

Be patient in the capital, as more sunny weather is heading your way. According to Anja Bodholdt from Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut (DMI), the warmth will continue all week.

“There will be plenty of opportunities to air your summer wardrobe,” Bodholdt told BT.

From most depressing weather to a week of sun
To think that three weeks ago DMI meteorologist Klaus Larsen  commented that it’s the most depressing weather he has seen in a long time – things have brightened up since then.

All week it will be around 20 degrees  –  and sometimes even higher. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday the temperatures will be very similar to Monday, but with more sun and fewer clouds, and then on Thursday and Friday, the heat will rise even higher.

Especially on Friday, there are good chances for temperatures above 25 degrees in some parts of the country.