Denmark only EU country where government trust increased during corona

The government scored 7 out of 10 for trust – which is 0.5 higher than last year.

The trust in the Danish government was in February and March 2021 the highest among the EU countries, according to Eurofound’s large-scale ‘Living, Working and COVID-19′ online survey.

The government scored 7 out of 10 in the trust category  0.5 higher than last year. In most other EU countries, the trust rate fell during corona.

The high trust level in the government goes hand in hand with a high trust level in general in institutions in Denmark, such as healthcare (8) and the police (7.7).  But Danish respondents report lower trust levels in the European Union and news media: both at 5.6, which is still higher than the average in the EU. 

Danes are optimistic about their future
Also, the Danes report the highest life satisfaction (7.2) among Europeans. Some 71.6 percent of the respondents indicated optimism about their future. 

Financial precariousness among Danes has decreased to the lowest rate in Europe. Only 4 percent of respondents expect their financial situation to get worse in the next three months. This is an 11 percent decrease compared to last summer.

Overall, the survey paints a very positive picture of Denmark’s social and economic situation following nearly a full year of living with COVID-19 restrictions.