Face masks dropped from today

Today marks a significant leap forward in Denmark’s reopening as face masks are phased out for close to all public places

The day has finally come: we can all go shopping without a face mask.

From today several COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted: face masks are no longer required except while standing on public transport; corona passes aren’t necessary to enter libraries or to attend leisure or educational activities; and schools and education institutions can return to normality with full attendance.

All smiles in the stores
Store owners and staff are ready to celebrate as, for the first time in over six months, they can see their customers’ faces.

“This is a day we have been looking forward to since August. It will be great to see smiles back in the stores,” said Lars Aarup, head of communications and analysis at Coop.

While the restrictions are easing, supermarkets plan to keep up precautions like hand sanitizer, distance markers and plexiglass. In Coop, employees who prefer to keep using protective gear are welcome to.

“Should there be employees that, because of personal reasons, prefer to keep using face masks or visors, everyone is free to do so,” said Aarup.

Sunday sees lowest infection rate since February
Todays’ easing of the restrictions comes as result of a steadily declining infection rate in the last couple of weeks.

Sunday saw the lowest number of cases since February 14, with a total of 315. The number of hospitalized people has also dropped to 98 – the lowest since September last year.