Skt Hans bonfires permitted all over Denmark

No fire bans anywhere – Skt Hans Aften will take place as usual this year

Bonfires can be lit all over the country on Wednesday. The hot weather and lack of rain had initially put the traditional Skt Hans Aften in jeopardy. But circumstances have changed during the last 24 hours.

“The latest day’s weather development has had a positive nationwide impact on the fire danger, and the newest predictions leading up to Wednesday are also looking good,” wrote the association of Danish fire departments, Danske Beredskaber, in a press release.

“Overall it means that there is currently no need for restrictions on the use of fires. The Skt Hans bonfires can be carried out throughout the country as planned.”

The only exception is Anholt, where a ban on fires is still in place – as is the case every year from April to October. This is because of the island’s particularly dry nature.

Follow usual guidelines
Even though there is no heightened fire danger, authorities still advise close adherence to usual precautions for outdoor fires.

Danske Beredskaber reminds everyone to follow the latest guidelines and keep updated on

Last year Sankt Hans Aften was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.