Playful parking: Legoland building among the coolest car parks in the world

Designed by CEBRA and completed in 2019, visitors are bowled over by an overall look based on Lego City road plates

Finding a free parking place is probably most people’s least favourite part of a trip. But if you’re visiting Legoland in Billund it might actually be part of the fun.

According to Big 7 Travel, the Lego Parking House is the sixth coolest car park in the world.

“One of the coolest car parks in the world brings out the little kids in adults,” purred Big 7 Travel.

“You’ll find this car park in Billund, the home of Lego. Danish architecture studio CEBRA designed the facades of a car park. In the design, they incorporated the road layout from Lego’s City road plates. Lego originally created these road plates in 1977 and still sells them today.”

The building is used by people working in the Lego offices and visitors to nearby Legoland.

Attach Lego bricks to the walls
A certain feature of the design made Big 7 Travel take special notice.

“One of the coolest things about the design is the sizes of the perforations in the facade,” it observed.

“These are based on the standard Lego brick. Therefore, you can attach the bricks to the perforations. This turns the walls into a canvas for play and creativity.”

The carpark was finished in 2019.