Health services back at pre-pandemic levels

According to the report, the health services have pretty much returned to usual activity levels since around Easter

According to a new report from the health services, activity levels at hospitals and GPs have returned to where they were before the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off.

The report (here in Danish) reveals that the activity rate has actually been at a normal level since around Easter. 

However, the pandemic still has an impact with patients awaiting treatment due to their times being postponed.

“The health services are still coping well with activity being at the usual level, and it is very positive that the activity has improved so much in the wake of the second wave of the epidemic,” said a health authority spokesperson, Charlotte Hosbond.

“There are still patients waiting for tests or treatment because their appointments were pushed due to COVID-19.”

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Public more aware
An example of this is the influx of people being treated for cancer – at the height of the pandemic there were fewer in treatment than usual. 

However, there are also some areas of the health sector that are experiencing lower levels of activity compared to before the pandemic. 

One explanation could be that the public is now more vigilant in terms of cleaning hands and social distancing due to the pandemic.