Denmark to accept more quota refugees from Rwanda

Immigration minister Mattias Tesfaye has announced that the government will focus on women, children and sexual minorities

According to the Immigration Ministry, Denmark will once again take in 200 quota refugees from Rwanda this year.

Immigration minister Mattias Tesfaye revealed that, as was the case last year, the government will focus on women, children and sexual minorities.

“I’m well aware that some people are under the impression that Denmark shouldn’t take in any quota refugees. But we in the government believe that there is a need to help one of the countries that currently undertakes a huge task in the neighboring areas,” said Tesfaye.

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Kigali connection
Denmark already has strong bonds with Rwanda – bonds that were further consolidated by Tesfaye’s recent visit to the country.

Part of the visit pertained to Rwandan contributions relating to receiving asylum seekers and refugees from Libyan detention centres – a so-called Emergency Transit Mechanism program.

The quota refugee initiative from 2017 tasks the immigration minister with deciding the number and makeup of refugees that will be permitted entry into Denmark every year.