Trains, cycling lanes and automobiles: New deal to improve traffic conditions all over Denmark

A third connection across the Limfjord, motorways from Kalundborg to Hillerød and multiple new railway projects are all part of the 160 billion kr deal

On Monday morning, officials presented a new deal with plans to improve transport infrastructure throughout the country.

The deal grants investments to roads, the railways and public transport in the coming years from 2022 to 2035.

Overall, the deal includes investments of 160 billion kroner. Some 106 billion will be used on new projects, while the rest concerns already approved projects. More than half the money will go to railway projects.

The deal was approved by a large majority in Parliament.

Emphasis on public transport
The traffic minister, Benny Engelbrecht, emphasises that most of deal focuses on public transport:

“We have agreed to invest massively in better public transport, more roads and better cycling infrastructure. This is a deal with a focus on all Danes – in all parts of the country,” said Engelbrecht.

“We wish for an increased focus on reducing traffic congestion and to make way for green cars, to combat traffic noise and to give our railroads comprehensive and much needed improvement.”