Copenhagen named among greenest cities for recycling in the world

According to UK-based Business Waste, Denmark ranked third overall just behind Vancouver and Singapore City

This week, the government ushered in a new recycling initiative that will involve 1 million Danes recycling nine types of waste going forward. 

And now, UK-based waste collector Business Waste has named Copenhagen among the greenest cities for recycling in the world.

Copenhagen ranked third on the list, behind leaders Vancouver and second-placed Singapore City.

“Aiming for an impressive 70 percent recycling rate, Copenhagen benefits from the Danes’ enthusiastic support for waste reduction (Circular Copenhagen),” wrote Business Waste.

“Door-to-door collections make it as easy as possible for citizens, and Copenhagen is working towards becoming a zero waste municipality by 2050.”

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A mess in Mexico City
Helsinki, Curitiba, Delhi, Los Angeles, Leeds,
Vienna and Stockholm completed the top 10, followed by Seattle, Songdo, Kamikatsu, Eskilstuna and San Francisco.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Mexico City was rated the worst in the world, preceded by Beijing, Kolkata, New York and Kuwait.

“Countries the world over are tackling waste in innovative and interesting ways, but many lag behind,” said Mark Hall, a spokesperson for

“The challenge over the next decade will be bringing all cities to a standard where waste reduction is made part of policy, not merely a target to let slide by – and in the meantime, technology and science continue to innovate to make our collective impact on the planet less harmful.”

Check out the entire list and remarks here (in English).