Cyprus: a holiday destination for all ages

Picking the right spot

Cyprus is a big island, bigger than some might think. As peaceful and beautiful as it might be, it is important to know where to stay. Placing a family in the center of Ayia Napa might not be the best choice for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

With that said, Cyprus offers a great time for everyone seeking an easy and quick getaway. Located in the eastern Mediterranean sea, en rejse til Cypern is made simple, as the large island has two main airports where most European airlines operate scheduled flights on a daily basis. 

Travelling with Children
Firstly, when looking for hotels on Cyprus a safe option when travelling with children is checking out the kid’s clubs. These kinds of hotels typically include different forms of entertainment for children. This could include face painting, pools with waterslides and different social events.

As comfortable as the hotels might seem, exploring Cyprus should not be underestimated. If you are interested in history and archaeology, there are different archaeological parks and historical places to visit. Cyprus is a very historical place with a very fascinating story as it is situated where Europe, Asia and Africa meet.

A relaxing day at the beach may never be underestimated, there are plenty of stretches of sand to choose from, and the water is amazingly turquoise. 

Taking a stroll around the marina can also be very relaxing after an eventful day. There are plenty of shops and restaurants and if you time it right, you might even be there for a lovely sun set. And let’s not forget to grab an ice cream or two on the way. 

Ayia Napa: where the party starts and never ends
Ayia Napa is renowned for its extreme nightlife that attracts young party goers. With endless patry opportunities at night, varying from beach bars, sports bars, endless amounts of clubs and not to mention boat parties.

When wanting to relax during the day, there are also plenty of things to do. Water parks, quad biking, museums, boat trips and diving are only some of the few attractions that can be done whilst visiting. 

Ayia Napa has been compared to places like Ibiza and Mykonos and welcomes everyone. If you are travelling from outside the EU, be aware that the drinking age is 18 as in many other European countries. 

So if you are a bunch of friends looking for a place to party in Europe, Cyprus could potentially be the right pick for you.