Early-30s brigade, we haven’t forgotten you! Expect your vaccine invite soon!

Website adjustments should ensure it won’t crash under the heavy demand

The purchase of an extra 1.17 million Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines from Romania has increased the tempo of the Danish vaccine program.

In the next few days, the last remaining adults to have not received an invitation to book a vaccine time, from the 30-34-year group, are expected to be notified.

They will receive an invitation to have their first jab between July 5 and August 1 and their invitation to a second by August 29.

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Vaccine website ready
The remaining bookings could result in extra pressure and longer waiting times on the vaccine.dk website, where vaccine reservations are made. However, officials ensure the website is tuned to handle the increased online traffic.

“Of course, we’ll monitor the site continuously, but we expect it to handle the load,” said Lone Kaalund Thiel, the head of national and cross-sectional IT for the region of northern Jutland.

“We have been hard at work adjusting vacciner.dk. We have changed the landing page, so you no longer need to log on if you only want information about how the vaccines take place. Now you’ll only need to log on, if you’re actually booking a time.”

Call for patience
Officials still warn that patience might be needed when booking a time.

“There might be a peak time when it will be difficult to get through. But generally, we are ready and expect the site to withstand the pressure,” said Thiel.

The vaccination of the 12-15-year-olds, meanwhile, is expected to begin in the middle of July.