Who will win the first digital award in the history of football as scorer of the best goal at Euro 2020?

Gazprom will reveal all following the completion of the tournament

Sunday won’t just confirm the winner of Euro 2020. It will also reveal who has won the award for the Best Goal of the Championship.

And it is questionable who will pick up the more alluring trophy. While the winning team will lift traditional silverware at Wembley, the best goal scorer will receive a cup in digital format – a perfect fit for any trophy cupboard!

Destroyed and reborn digitally
The NFT Trophy has been created by Pokras Lampas, an esteemed Russian calligrafuturist, and the process began by making a physical prototype of the award.

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On June 27 at the Gazprom Stand in the St Petersburg football village Konyushennaya Square, it was destroyed before a watching audience and transferred into a digital format.

The crucial last ball
“Now we are disassembling the balls and beginning the 3D scanning of their surfaces, photographing the textures and details in order to translate them into digital format,” revealed Lampas ahead of the destruction.

“We are preparing the new stage of our objet d’art, which will be shown closer to the final. I have already inscribed all the balls but one. The last ball will bear the name of the football player who shoots the best goal of the Championship – which we’ll find out after the final.”

As a hologram as well
While the best goal scorer will get a digital version, a hologram of the award will be given to the UEFA headquarters’ exhibition in Nyon, Switzerland.

Gazprom, an official European Championship partner, came up with the idea of awarding the first ever digital award in the history of world football.