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July 19th, 2021

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The biggest event of the summer (photo: copenhagen2021.com)

Copenhagen 2021 is the biggest LGBTI+ event to hit these shores. A combination of World Pride and EuroGames, the event starts with a vengeance in Malmo on August 12, including all manner of concerts, performance and human rights concerns, before climaxing on August 22 in the Danish capital
This year’s Golden Days Festival (Sep 3-19) takes us back to chapter 1 of modern European history, covering the 1,500 years we commonly refer to as ‘Classical Antiquity’, which ends in around 600 AD. As the birthplace of philosophy, astrology, athleticism and democracy, it is a period we have much to learn from
That Theatre Company returns to its triumph of early 2020: ‘The Visit’ (Oct 29-Nov 27), Barry McKenna and Peter Holst-Beck’s vivid reimagining of the historic visit paid by HC Andersen to Charles Dicken at his home in England in 1858. Holst-Beck and Ian Burns take on the two leads
London Toast Theatre presents yet another Crazy Christmas Cabaret, which this year is lampooning gangster films with ‘Tell me about it!’ (Nov 16-Jan 15). The show’s creator Vivienne McKee is joined by old favourites Andrew Jeffers and David Bateson. Watch out for Vivienne in next spring’s ‘Shirley Valentine’
Why Not Theatre Company is taking on ‘Happy Days’ by Samuel Becket, a 1961 absurdist play in which the Irish playwright could already sense our increasingly disconnected way of living. Sixty years on, Sue Hansen-Styles and Nathan Meister, breathe new life into the maestro’s prescience


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