English grudge match continues: Firebombing, Brexit, Euro 2020 and now at the Olympics!

Denmark’s defeat of Britain in the 4,000-metre pursuit means they are in contention to win another gold tomorrow morning

England and Denmark are striking up quite a rivalry this summer. 

First, there was Brexit and various fishing quarrels, then the football – and yes, before you ask, the Brits did go on to claim a gold in the diving – and now there’s been a major falling out at the Olympics.

Sure, we’re talking about a spat with the British team, but most Danes seem pretty oblivious to there being anything other than England across the North Sea, so this is more of the same!

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Qualified for tomorrow’s final
Just moments ago, a Danish cyclist ploughed into the back of his British opponent in the 4,000-metre pursuit – a track event in which two teams of four set off at opposite ends of the velodrome.

The winners are the team who cycle the quickest time, although another means of victory is actually catching up the other team.

The Danish cyclist in question, Frederick Madsen, was clearly not looking where he was going, but the collision has been judged good enough to award Denmark the victory and a place in the final against Italy tomorrow, where they will be racing for gold.

Deemed “disgraceful” across North Sea
The incident might have been deemed as an unfortunate accident had the cyclists dusted themselves off and shaken hands, but Madsen proceeded to scream at British rider Charlie Tanfield as he lay dazed on the ground.

Commenters on the BBC website were outraged, calling the behaviour both “outrageous” and “disgraceful”, perhaps hopeful that their vitriol might somehow aid the disqualification of the Danish team. 

“Disgraceful behaviour from Denmark shouting at Team GB – it was their fault!” said one.

His insurance company won’t be paying out on that claim; the Dane just wasn’t paying attention,” chimed another.

Perhaps a bit lucky
Two British former Olympic champions, Chris Hoy and Chris Boardman, thought Denmark were lucky to go through to the final – and it is thought that an appeal might be lodged.

“As the lead rider in the team, you always have to keep your eyes on the team you’re pursuing. It’s called the pursuit for good reason. He clearly wasn’t looking,” said Hoy.

“Charlie Tanfield did the right thing in staying behind and on the black line – that was the Danish rider’s fault.”

“There was absolutely no reason for that at all! They do look down, they look between the arms, maybe he didn’t realise just how fast he was coming up on Great Britain there,” added Boardman. 

Final against Italy
The Danish men’s pursuit team will be gunning for gold against Italy at 11:06 on Wednesday morning. Like all track cycling, the coverage will be broadcast in Denmark on the Discovery channel K5, a channel that is not free-to-air. 

It won’t be a walkover as Italy broke Denmark’s world record in qualifying, although it has to be said that it’s impossible to break the record if your opponents are too slow.

Another reason to resent the English/Brits then!

The incident looked a bit like this, minus the enraged handball player of course (photo: DIF Facebook page)