How to find a place to live in Copenhagen

You have finally received the good news, that you’ve been accepted at your dream education in Copenhagen or perhaps you got a new job, which means that you have to move to Denmark. The joy is great and you can hardly get your arms down. But moving to a new country can also be challenging. Moving away from family and friends can be tough, but don’t worry. Denmark is a great country. In the World Happiness Ranking Denmark is number two, only surpassed by Finland. The study also shows that people moving to Denmark are just as happy as the Danish people born there. 

Finding a place in Copenhagen

Moving to a new country is exciting. But it can also be stressful due to all the paperwork that has to be submitted and accepted, in order to be able to move to Denmark. Another thing that can be difficult and stressful is how hard it can be to find a place to live. Finding somewhere to live is one of the most difficult things about moving to Copenhagen, because of the hot demand for apartments. There are several groups and sites on social media where you can find apartments and rooms for rent, but they often disappear almost as soon as they are posted. There are also several websites where you can find apartments for rent, and one of them is There are more than 1000 apartments for rent in Copenhagen and the suburbs at the website and the prices vary from DKK 3,000 per month to around DKK 16,000. Whether you are looking for an apartment to share or a room in inner Copenhagen, or perhaps a house for rent in the suburbs, you can find it on

Use your network

Put your network to good use and spread the word around among people you know, and especially people you know living in Denmark. It will increase your chances of finding a place to live, since many apartments and houses get leased through word of mouth. If you are new to the city and don’t have any social network yet, you can reach out to your colleagues or fellow students on the company or university’s intranet. The Danish people are very friendly and eager to help, so don’t be scared to reach out for help.