Denmark ready to evacuate 45 Afghan employees along with their families

In total, 200 arrivals are expected: mostly employees of the embassy or the armed forces over the last two years

A broad majority in Parliament has backed plans to evacuate up to 200 people from Afghanistan.

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Most are Afghans who have worked or assisted Danish interests in the country, who could potentially be the target of reprisals now the Taliban is reasserting itself in the country.

Among those included are Afghan employees at the Danish embassy in Kabul, along with anyone who has worked there, or for the Danish Armed Forces, over the last two years.

In total there are an estimated 45 such people, but the offer also extends to their immediate families

Temporary residence at first
Once they arrive in Denmark, they will be offered temporary residence lasting two years, with the option then to seek asylum. 

A security screening will be carried out before they board the plane, and another after they have arrived in Denmark. 

“The agreement delivers on the government’s desire to create a fast, durable and proper solution for the locally employed Afghans in Denmark’s service,” commented the foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod.

Only Nye Borgerlige and Dansk Folkeparti decided not to back the plans.