Controversial development plan in Amager halted … for now

Amager Fælleds Venner has raised the funds required to temporarily halt development in one of Copenhagen’s favourite nature spots

Earlier this year, it emerged that City Hall had decided to move forward with the contentious Fælledby development plan in one of the capital’s popular nature spots, Amager Fælled.

But now the organiser of the movement against the development, Amager Fælleds Venner, has announced that the group has managed to raise the funds required to halt the development …  at least temporarily. 

“In just 36 hours, we have all teamed up to raise over 2 million kroner to effectualise the temporary development stop on Amager Fælled. It’s a fantastic and monumental effort from everyone,” the group wrote on Facebook.

“Our next step is to transfer the funds to Copenhagen City Court as security for costs. We are far from finished and this case will now be tried in court.”

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Dawn of a newt day?
Amager Fælleds Venner went on to underline that its final goal is to prevent construction in the area to conserve the nature and habitat for species living there. 

To this end, the group is also preparing to take their case to the EU courts.

Earlier, two committees had already decided that complaints about the municipality’s decision should have a suspensive effect on the development – particularly given that it was unsure whether it was giving the great crested newt population living in the area appropriate consideration.

However, when development continued the group went to the City Court to have a ban imposed.

Meanwhile, the builder on the project, Fælledby, said that it would look into the decision and plan its next step. But for now, it is halting all construction work.