Copenhagen among top cities in Europe for singles

According to Big 7 Travel, the Danish capital is among the best in the continent for dating app downloads and social life

When Johnny Lee sang his iconic words “I was looking for love in all the wrong places”, one wonders if he realised that Copenhagen was more than just his favourite chewing tobacco brand.

Then again, it was 1980 and finding love has changed quite a bit since back then.

At any rate, Big 7 Travel has rated Copenhagen 14th in Europe for singles, based on a number of factors.

Those factors include usage of apps like Tinder and Badoo and population percentage of single people per capita.

“Denmark is the 16th best city in Europe when it comes to finding a match on Tinder, so singletons are in luck here. It’s also one of the top cities for dating app downloads, and locals highly rate the social life here,” Big 7 Travel wrote.

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Stockholm single at the top
However, perhaps the Danish capital must look to its Nordic brethren for some inspiration, as Stockholm topped the list and Oslo came in third just behind Madrid. 

London, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Oxford, Tallinn and Lisbon completed the top 10. 

Check out the entire list here.