More online security at home – Hurray! 

A lot of people are careless when it comes to their online security. In a busy day-to-day life, protection of one’s online data might not be the top priority, but there has been an increased attention to the subject, after more and more of our data has become available, but also because we see more and more cybercrime. It is online that we all have stored our personal information, our money and our bank. This is a fact that becomes very known to the criminal exploiting this, which means that it is necessary for you to secure your internet at home from sleazy cyber-types. 

VPN and the secure connection
The first step towards greater security in your home office is a vpn server. VPN is a hyponym for “Virtual Private Network”, which can be translated into danish as “virtuelt privat netværk”. VPN creates an encrypted tunnel online, so that the information from your computer and your correspondence online cant be lured and used by third parties. The cryptation is important, as it is this that protects all of your data. You will be able to move around the internet completely anonymously. It is an effective protection both against hackers and other types of cybercrime. 

Make a two-step login 
Another great idea for protection is to protect your profiles online. A lot of danes have way too easy and weak passwords. The things that are protected behond the password are often extremely sensitive and personal information, so it makes no sense to not spend more energy and time in order to protect your data. 

There are also many people that use the same password across multiple platforms, so if a hacker has a hold of your password, they have access to all of your information online. The two-step login is recognised to be much more secure. This is a system that you use when you are using Nem-ID and Google’s software. First, you press your password, but then you have to accept that you have also tried to login on another device. It is possible for you to manage this yourself but having equal systems for other passwords, so that you are even more protected during the time you spend online. The two-step safety system might be set in place by having to go through a password manager. A password manager is a program that can help you keep track of all of your passwords, if you choose to make them long and different, as you should. 

Keep your systems updated 
Are you one of the many, who press “later” or “tomorrow” when encountering updates? An easy way for you to upgrade your security is to keep all of your devices updated. This increases your security immensely, as the system recognises the new threats online and protects you from them.