Denmark has evacuated over 1,000 people from Afghanistan

As of September 15, there are still 57 individuals left that need to be evacuated, according to Foreign Ministry

According to the Foreign Ministry, Denmark has evacuated a total of 1,038 people from Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban assuming control of the country.

The breakdown of groups evacuated are as follows:

– Local employees and persons (families included) who have been locally-hired  within the past two years at the Danish embassy – 256

– Persons (families included) who have been employed locally at the Danish embassy for more than two years ago – 137

– Interpreters (including families) who have assisted the Danish Defence – 235

– Vulnerable people (families included) from Afghan NGOs, including human rights workers – 59

– Solidarity pool (family included) for local employees of NATO, EU and UN in Afghanistan – 154

– Others (which primarily covers individuals who have been greenlighted for evacuation based on humanitarian considerations via decisions often made under duress at Kabul Airport) – 60

– People on the so-called ‘Danish List’ (Danish citizens and persons who have permanent residence in Denmark) – 137

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57 to go
Of the 1,038 people, 954 have arrived in Denmark, while 35 have been helped out via ground routes to a nearby country and 49 have gotten out other ways and are currently in other countries.

As of September 15, there are still 57 people remaining in Afghanistan that Denmark wants to evacuate – including 24 individuals who possibly have protection needs.

The remaining 33 are from the ‘Danish List’.