No place to call home: one in 20 Danes have moved 20 times by the age of 35

By the time Danish women and men have reached the age of 35, they have moved an average of 9.3 and 8.8 times respectively, according to Danmarks Statistik.

On average, children have moved once by the age of 5, twice ´by the age of 15, and three times by the age of 20.

Accelerates in adulthood
Between, the ages of 20 and 30, the frequency increases remarkably. By the age of 30, the average Dane has moved 8.5 times on average.

Studies and professional requirements clearly play a large role in people moving. 

Once a serial mover, always …
One in 20 Danish citizens has moved at least 20 times by the age of 35, and it would appear that growing up as a serial mover can rub off on adulthood. 

The top 5 percent of movers had moved eight, 13 and 20 times by the time they reached the ages of 17, 24 and 35.