Government moves to address labour shortage woes

Among other initiatives, the new tripartite agreement seeks to assist companies attract more European workers 

Denmark’s economy has tackled the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic better than most countries. In fact, experts maintain that it’s better than ever. 

But one lingering issue remains a shortage of labour – a dilemma the government now seeks to overcome with a new tripartite agreement.

“It is essential that companies can get the required labour to ensure continued growth,” said employment minister, Peter Hummelgaard.

“I think we have reached an accord on a smart and balanced agreement that contributes to alleviating the workforce deficiency. It’s a good first step.”

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Going up and up
The agreement, reached with labour market leaders and local government association KL, aims to attract more people to the labour market in the short term through the four key initiatives:

– Better matching unemployed with companies

– More stringent availability rules to ensure that more unemployed apply for and accept jobs

– Stepping up efforts aimed at getting mature unemployed back to work

– Assisting companies in recruiting more European labour 

The government expects that Denmark will see the highest growth in 15 years and employment will continue to rise. 

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