How to buy stocks in Denmark

Although Denmark doesn’t have a reputation for being a great trading nation, over the last few years many Danes has entered the stock market and started trading. More and more people are realizing that this is an opportunity to make some extra money. Read on if you want to know more about stock trading in Denmark.

Another reason that so many have joined the trading world in recent years is the negative interest rate that most banks now charge and that people obviously want to avoid.

Choose your trading platform
The first thing you need to do when you want to start trading is chosing a trading platform. There is a number of platforms to chose from so do your reasearch before you decide. When trading stocks all profits and losses must be reported to the tax authorities and by chosing a Danish trading platform you won’t need to worry about that as the platform does it for you. Most banks offer stock trading from their own platforms but you can also chose an individual platform such as Saxoinvestor or Nordnet. You can use a Danish stock broker comparison to find out which platform suits your needs.

Another thing to consider before deciding on a platform is which stocks to buy. The various stock exchanges charges different commisions and therefore you check out which trading platform is cheapest for the exchange you want to buy from. The various trading platforms charge different commissions for the various stock exchanges so it is worth checking this out before deciding.

Decide which stocks to buy
Having decided on your trading platform and signed up you need to transfer money from your bank account to the platform and then you are good to go. Now it is time to find out what stocks to buy. As a beginner it is a good idea to start out with small amounts and putting them in good solid stocks such as those from the Danish C25-index or the top ones from New York Stock Exchange. These companies tend to be less volatile and more secure. However, on the stock market there are no guarantees and it is your responsibility what you buy, so think carefully and do your research before hitting the buy button.

Spread your risk
While it is possible to make a lot of money on the stock market there is also a risk of loosing money. With this in mind it can be a good idea to allocate most of your portfolio to solid, low risk stocks, perhaps even all of your portfolio. If you feel like it you can put a small part of your portfolio into stock that are a little more risky. Last but not least, never invest more than you can afford to loose and never take loans to invest. Good luck!