Learn Danish: when, where and how you want it!

Danish for You offers flexibility with unique online courses designed to suit the needs of the modern international

There was a time when taking Danish classes was limited to going to classes for three hours in the evening.

But not everyone has the time or motivation, particularly following a long day at work – with the kids waiting at home!

Founded by two seasoned language teachers, Malene Neergaard and Karen Bahamondes, Danish for You has found a solution with tailor-made lessons that internationals require. 

“We have an online booking system, so it’s just like going to the hairdresser. You can just book any time that suits you and this offers a flexibility that we want to provide to our busy clients,” said Malene.

Embracing reality 
Both Malene and Karen have extensive language school teaching experience and their one-on-one sessions embrace online audiovisual material based on footage of Danes speaking about a broad range of subjects. 

For beginner levels, the videos implement English subtitles, before students graduate to Danish subtitles and eventually to none at all.

“We want it to be as realistic and authentic as possible, because when you’re in the real world, if you only know textbook phrases, you’re easily lost because people could have all sorts of variations of answers or questions,” said Malene.

Benefits of 1:1
Aside from garnering the full attention of the teacher, the one-on-one classes also offer respite for students who are inhibited in larger groups or feel isolated because they are ahead of, or behind, their class. And it benefits the teachers too. 

“For us teachers it’s an immense pleasure as well. We finally get to give people what they want. It’s 45 minutes, it’s doable and people keep telling us it’s exactly what they needed,” said Malene. 

Learning pre-arrival
Another aspect unique to Danish for You is its specialisation in pre-arrival programmes for incoming international workers, which makes the settling-in process smoother.

The duo went on to underscore that they hear more and more from workplaces that it is a career hindrance to not speak Danish even though English may be the corporate language.

So it’s not a coincidence that the likes of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and Rambøll have collaborated with Danish for You. 

Danish for You offers Danish at all levels (A1 to B2) and preparation for the A1, A2, PD2 and PD3 exams.

Find more information at danishforyou.dk.