Precipitous precipitation: Capital area to escape southern-bound downfall, but tomorrow’s forecast looks bleak

Half a month’s worth of rain will fall on the southern half of Jutland and Funen today

You would imagine Bishop Absalon, the founder of Copenhagen in 1167, knew a thing about the weather.

“East coast, I’m telling you: the kings in England aren’t the pushover they once were. The Viking Age is over,” he told his urban planners.

“Oh, and have you noticed how it rains less in this part of the country!”

Heavy rain in the south
True to the bishop’s words, the rainfall is going to be biblical in the west of the country today, with the capital region getting away with a mere sprinkling.

TV2 warns that 24 mm will fall in just six hours today in many parts of the country, and in mid-Jutland as much as 44 mm over the course of the day.

The rain will fall between 10:00 and 20:00. Worst hit will be the southern half of Jutland and westernmost Funen, where half a month’s worth is expected over the ten hours.

Unseasonably warm
Nevertheless, temperatures will be unseasonably warm, with the thermometer likely to hit 16 degrees in some parts (15 in Copenhagen). And northern Jutland might even see some sunshine.

Very likely, it will be the last moderately warm day of 2021.

But come tomorrow and Absalon might be choking on his cornflakes come breakfast time, as the capital region has 15 mm of rain to look forward to.

As things stand, the weekend should be dry with moderate winds and sunshine forecast.