Iron horse alert: nationwide bicycle control this week

Up until October 31, the police will be keeping a close eye on cyclists and moped drivers in traffic

Cyclists will want to be extra vigilant when in traffic this week – don’t forget your lights and avoid pedaling on pedestrian areas.

Failure to follow cycling rules can lead to hefty fines and the police have ushered in a nationwide control of bicycles and scooters this week.

According to police figures, cyclists make up a significant portion of those injured and killed in traffic – 799 cyclists and 257 moped operators were injured on the roads in 2020.

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Lasts until Halloween
Moreover, there were 28 fatalities among cyclists and 7 among moped drivers last year as well.

“In some of the accidents, risky behaviour by cyclists and moped drivers were a contributing factor,” the police wrote. 

The police control this week will stretch to October 31.