Corona passes on their way back: Final approval should come today

Surge in numbers who want to get vaccinated following last night’s press conference

The corona pass will return: that was the main message at the press conference held by PM Mette Frederiksen last night.

It will be required to visit indoor venues, such as restaurants and nightclubs, and outdoor events where the attendance is over 2,000. 

Frederiksen does not want stricter measures. “We are not in the same situation as we were last autumn,” she said. “All we are proposing now is that we want a Denmark that remains open.”

Will be approved today
However, the requirement has not been rubber-stamped yet.

The Epidemic Commission will meet today to discuss whether the coronavirus should again be classified as a socially critical disease, which will enable the government to bring back restrictions in line with the Epidemic Law.

But considering that the commission has already recommended the reclassification to Frederiksen, it is a foregone conclusion. 

Most MPs in support, not so much business
All of the government support parties, along with Venstre, have given their approval.

However, while Dansk Erherv approves of the pass, it does not want corona reclassified as a socially critical disease.

Its CEO, Brian Mikkelsen, wrote on Twitter that Parliament should instead “make a specific agreement on the introduction of corona passes”.

Horesta, the association for restaurants and hotels, has said it will be seeking compensation for its members.

Backing from academics and majority of event organisers
Professor Lars Østergaard, an infectious diseases expert at Aarhus University Hospital, told DR that he approved of the measure, as did another expert, Professor Allan Randrup Thomsen from the University of Copenhagen.

Event organiser Dansk Live commented that the corona pass will be “manageable”, the DBU football union said the passes made it “both expensive and difficult” to organise games, while the handball association said it was “the lesser of two evils”, reports DR.

The nurses union has condemned Frederiksen for asking its members to make an extra effort over the coming months when the health service comes under pressure.

More people getting vaccinated!
At last night’s press conference, Frederiksen and Søren Brostrøm, the head of the Sundhedsstyrelsen health authority both called upon unvaccinated people in Denmark to get the jab.

While Frederiksen said they are running out of excuses, Brostrøm pointed out that of the 200+ people hospitalised with corona, “virtually none” of them are people under the age of 50 who have been vaccinated. 

Maybe it’s worked! DR reports this morning that over 11,000 have booked times for a vaccination via since the press conference.