From Friday! Corona passes will be necessary to attend most gatherings

The requirements apply to any indoor venue with a capacity of 200, but also all restaurants, nightlife venues and places frequented by vulnerable people

Many will concur that the reintroduction of the corona pass requirement, which will kick in from Friday morning for most indoor venues, could not have come earlier enough, given that over 3,000 fresh cases of corona were registered yesterday afternoon

Some 319 people are currently in hospital with corona, and 39 are in intensive care. A further three deaths have been recorded.

But despite a reported 11,000 people booking vaccination appointments over the course of Monday night, following the press conference to confirm the corona pass, under 77 percent of the population (the figures includes all ages) have had their first jab.

The 200-2,000 rule
In a nutshell, the corona pass is necessary for all venues where there is room for more than 200 people inside/more than 2,000 people outside. 

But there are some exceptions: for example, a pass is needed to enter all nightlife venues and indoor restaurants, regardless of their size.

Unvaccinated people will need to present a negative PCR test taken in the previous four days, or a quick test taken within the previous three days.

The requirement will initially last for four weeks. Under-15s do not need a pass.

Additional rules
Visitors to hospitals will need them, but not close relatives, guardians, personal representatives, lawyers, according to the Ministry of Health. Random checks will be carried out.

Visitors to nursing homes, care centres and social housing (to protect groups considered vulnerable) will require them, but not close relatives and under-15s.

Everyone in nightlife will need them, so visitors to bars, nightclubs, party buses etc. But there are no other restrictions applying to opening hours or distancing. The same rules apply to  indoor restaurants and cafes, regardless of their capacity.

Passes are needed for all indoor sports where the capacity is over 200. Passes are needed for all swimming pools and play areas. However, no pass is necessary to visit a fitness centre or one-to-one services like the hairdresser.