CBD Review: Why Is This Compound Growing in Popularity?

You must have heard of the most popular compound we get through extraction from cannabis plants – CBD (cannabidiol). There’s an incredible array of product choices laced with CBD, such as CBD gummies and other edibles, CBD tea, and CBD oils such as CBD olie or the CBD krystaller.

Though you may know already that people use it throughout the world, you may not know why it’s growing in popularity to this day and what exactly makes people purchase products containing CBD. We’re here to try and change that by mentioning what people use CBD for and its potential health benefits.

Why is CBD growing in popularity? 
CBD is a phytocannabinoid, which is the second most widely used compound we get by extraction from the cannabis plant after THC. People are using CBD in abundance because CBD won’t get you high as THC can.

Though the two compounds differ in only a few atomic bonds, CBD doesn’t have psychotropic properties, and you can’t experience any bouts of paranoia like when using THC. Another reason for its growth in popularity is the pharmaceutical properties it comes along with. Let’s take a look at what those potential health benefits are.

What are the potential health benefits of CBD?
The potential health benefits of CBD include sleep improvement, appetite improvement, alleviation of anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. How does CBD achieve this?

CBD directly impacts our endocannabinoid system (ECS), where the CB1 receptor is located, responsible for how we feel pain, hunger, inflammation, and overall mood status. The CBD compounds bind to that receptor and numb it. As a result, we feel less tense, less anxious and get a soothing effect for our body and mind.

For these reasons, we can say that CBD is a very effective natural compound which we can use as an alternative to all chemical medicines. Pharmaceutical drugs can sometimes have negative side effects, which CBD helps us avoid.

In a nutshell, people shop for CBD products in abundance since they positively affect our bodies by impacting receptors located in our ECS. Though we still need a bit more research in this field, which is why we named these health benefits as “potential,” we can say that CBD is a compound that is making its way to the top among all other cannabis-derived supplements.