Drink drivers increasingly using share cars to return home from the office Christmas party

Copenhagen Police has instructed its officers to pay the vehicles special attention when seen at night-time

The annual julefrokost season often results in a rise in drink driving cases, but this year the police have noticed an increased tendency among car commuters to not run the risk.

Clearly they are making other arrangements. For example, they make plans to leave earlier so they can grab the final train, or book a taxi in advance, or arrange to stay the night with a colleague.

But responsible planning does not factor in one crucial element, according to the police: once revellers have a few drinks in them, all best-laid plans often go astray.

On the police’s radar
Copenhagen Police has noted a huge escalation in the number of people caught drink driving whilst using a shared car – to the extent that officers are instructed to pay more attention to the cars than other vehicles.

Clearly revellers are changing their minds mid-party. Maybe the atmosphere’s too good to leave early, or the thought of sleeping in a sofa bed not comforting.

“Some citizens seem to be tempted by the fact that the shared cars are easily accessible on the streets of Copenhagen, and therefore get behind the wheel, even though they have too high a blood alcohol level,” Copenhagen Police deputy police inspector Henning Pedersen told Rådet for Sikker Trafik, the road safety council.

“We are now putting special focus on this new problem.”

Disapproving … when sober
More than nine out of ten Danes think that drink-driving is unacceptable, reports Rådet for Sikker Trafik.

But maybe they would have got a different result if all the respondents were drunk.