Six-month waiting time for third corona vaccination jab cut from six months to three

Following a ruling by the European Medical Association yesterday, half the country is now eligible to get the extra protection

There has been a lot of confusion over how long the general public should wait until their third vaccination jab.

Technically, the waiting time between the second and third jabs has always been six months.

While some have boasted about getting their third jab well ahead of time on various social media platforms, others have revealed they were stopped by the authorities when they turned up for the appointment and told to return once six months had passed.

Technically, under the six-month rule, only people over 60 are eligible.

EMA clearance
However, that all changed yesterday after the European Medical Association revised the waiting time from six to three months.

According to the Sundhedsstyrelsen health authority, all residents in Denmark aged 40 and over will be invited to have their third jab before Christmas.

This means an invite could very easily appear in your inbox in the coming days.

The government recently stepped up its vaccination capacity, but doubts were raised over who would be eligible. 

Millions is the answer this morning.