Culture Round-Up: Liverpool legends Kevin Keegan and Robbie Fowler for one night only

Jordan B Peterson, Toto and 10cc are all also visiting Denmark next year, while the David Bowie swansong ‘Lazarus’ is on stage from January 21

Two of Liverpool FC’s most legendary players, Kevin Keegan and Robbie Fowler, are bringing their live show to Denmark, a country where the club is overwhelmingly the nation’s favourite English Premier League team.

Since Liverpool began to dominate both English and European football in the 1970s, legions of Danes have started supporting them.

Bookending the era
The mid-1980s was a high point as the Reds signed Danish player Jan Mølby and DR, the only television channel, used to show them all the time … invariably winning!

Keegan and Fowler, playing in the 1970s and 90s, bookend the era of Liverpool dominance, and at Brøndbyhallen on 1 October 2022 they will surely not be talking alone! Find out more here

Top honour for Susanne Bier
At the European Film Awards ceremony in Berlin tomorrow, Susanne Bier will receive an honorary prize marking European achievement in world cinema. It will be her third European Film Award following success in 2011 and 2013 for directing ‘Hævnen’ and ‘Den skaldede frisør’. Bier was informed of her selection in September and will therefore be at the ceremony in person. In a European Film Awards press release, it is remarked that Bier is the first female director to win an Oscar, a Golden Globe Award, a Primetime Emmy Award and a European Film Award, but this isn’t technically true as she did not win an Oscar for ‘Hævnen’, she merely picked it up on behalf of Denmark.

Danish films shortlisted for Sundance awards
Two Danish films have been shortlisted for prizes at the Sundance Film Festival, which will take place from January 20-30. Simon Lereng Wilmont’s ‘A House Made of Splinters’ is in contention to win the World Cinema Documentary Competition, while Christian Tafdrup’s horror film ‘Speak No Evil’ is competing in the Midnight category. ‘A House Made of Splinters’ is a follow-up to ‘The Distant Barking of Dogs’, so again focused on the plight of children in war-torn eastern Ukraine. ‘Speak No Evil’ is a thriller about two families who become friends on holiday, only for the dynamic to change when they reunite in the Dutch woods. 

Toto revving up 10cc teaming up at Royal Arena
Legendary 1970s bands Toto and 10cc will take the stage together at Paradepladsen in Viborg on August 11 and at Royal Arena on August 13. 10cc are best remembered for the monster hit I’m Not In Love’, while Toto immortalised the lines “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you/There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do/I bless the rains down in Africa/Gonna take some time to do the things we never had” in their song ‘Africa’. Tickets cost 600 kroner and are available at

David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’ to bring singer back from the dead
David Bowie’s artistic swansong ‘Lazarus’ will be performed from January 21 until March 6 at Skuespilhuset. The show, which includes 18 tracks from Bowie’s back catalogue as well as four new songs, has been described as a requiem for the singer who died at the beginning of 2016. Just a month earlier he appeared at its Broadway premiere – his last public appearance.  ‘Lazarus’ is based on the 1963 sci-fi novel ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Trevis. Bowie himself played the lead role in the 1976 adaptation of the book. Buy tickets here

Woke up yet! Jordan B Peterson is in the house!
Jordan B Peterson is giving a lecture at KB Hallen on June 9, it has been confirmed. The outspoken opponent of wokeism is touring to promote his books ‘12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos’ and ‘Beyond Order – 12 More Rules for Life’. This will be the Canadian psychology professor and author’s first lecture in  Denmark. Tickets cost 445 kroner and are available via