Infection numbers soaring, but reasons for optimism if vaccinations continue at a pace

Ben Hamilton
December 14th, 2021

This article is more than 3 years old.

Worst-case scenarios can be avoided if more people get jabbed, advise experts

Still there, but slowing down a bit (photo: Pixabay)

Yesterday’s record count of 7,799 new cases of the coronavirus has Statens Serum Institut predicting the country will soon surpass 10,000 infections a day.

Furthermore, the omicron will soon become the dominant variant, predicts SSI – very possibly later this week. 

Omicron has been making steady progress over the last week, adding 966 fresh cases as of Monday afternoon to take its total to 3,437. 

Hospitalisations not critical, though
It is less clear how much pressure will be exerted on the healthcare system, however.

Some 480 people are hospitalised – a long way off the 964 recorded on 4 January 2021 – and the majority are nowhere near as ill as inpatients a year ago.

Vaccinations advised
Vaccinations – of pre-teens, people in their 40s and 50s seeking a booster and first-timers – continue at a pace, particularly since the government’s green light on Sunday to allow millions to get jabbed.

Healthcare professionals believe the third jab is particularly important as it will reduce the risk of symptoms among the vaccinated from 50 to 25 percent and, even then, they are likely to be much milder than a year ago. 


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