Combining Copenhagen and coffee this Christmas is the ultimate stocking-filler

Discover 55 of the capital’s most alluring spots in ‘CoffeeCopenhagen’, a lovingly compiled guide written by a former barista

The history books document that the first cup of coffee was served in Denmark in 1665.

It was the start of a long love affair that endures to this day.

And in terms of what Danes are ready to pay good money for, it’s up there with quality bicycles and sought-after concert tickets.

Love letter to coffee
Many of the 55 selections in ‘CoffeeCopenhagen’, a love letter to the beverage in the Danish capital, have been around longer than the general population.

Others are perhaps more temporary, but reflective of current trends and the exciting, constantly evolving coffee scene.

Author Anja Olsen, a former barista herself, knows the scene inside out, and the result is truly the ultimate guide.

Quest for perfection
It’s time to taste your way through Coffee-hagen via some of its most alluring spots

No journey is wasted, no cup unfinished on this quest for coffee perfection.

“CoffeeCopenhagen is a special nerdy guide that concentrates on finding the most delicious coffee that Copenhagen has to offer,” Olsen told CPH POST.

Perfect for aficionados
Translated into English after the Danish version sold out twice, this is the coffee table book everyone wants!

For just 199 kroner, combine Copenhagen and coffee this Christmas! Order your copy today of this stylish hardback at

It’s the perfect stocking filler for all coffee aficionado who owe it to their palate to broaden their horizons.