Danish film in contention to win unprecedented best feature triple at the Oscars

Seriously! ‘Flugt’ could win Best International Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature and Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards in March

Could Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s animated documentary ‘Flugt’ (‘Flee’) rewrite Oscars history?

Heading into 2022, the Danish film’s chances of an unprecedented triple are growing stronger every day.

Yesterday, for example, the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner was shortlisted for the best animated feature award at the Golden Globes.

But for the Oscars, it will be eligible to compete in three categories: Best International Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature and Best Animated Feature. 



It could even surpass ‘Parasite’
Should it be nominated in at least two of these categories, it won’t be the first, as Romanian film ‘Collective’ was nominated for both Best International Feature Film and Best Documentary Feature this year.

Since 2020, both animated and documentary films have been permitted in the Best International Feature Film category.

It raises the possibility of ‘Flugt’ winning a triple – a triumph that would be up there with ‘Parasite winning the 2019 awards for Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film (as it was named then).

Furthermore, with Riz Ahmed and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau onboard to provide the English-language voices, its chances of getting much larger exposure than its rivals have been given a huge boost.

Good pedigree so far
So what are its chances? Well, according to Paddy Power it is the even money favourite to win Best Animated Feature.

According to Indiewire, it is among the frontrunners to make the final five shortlist for Best International Feature Film

Another site, Gold Derby, rates ‘Flugt’ as second best in the Best Documentary Feature. 

Out of 27 awards handed out that it was nominated for, it has won 18, including two European Film Awards last weekend for best documentary and animated feature.

On the road to the Dolby theatre
It will find out on December 21 whether it has made the final nine, and on February 8 whether it is in the final five.

In the meantime, its US release on December 3 will only further its chances, along with an English-language version that Riz Ahmed and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau have reportedly signed up for.

March 27 will confirm whether Rasmussen flees the Dolby theatre with three statuettes under his arm.