Schools expected to reopen on January 5 … with a hitch

Authorities recommend children to be tested twice every week and to not play with kids from other classes

The government announced yesterday that she still expects children to be able to return to school on January 5. 

However, it won’t be the same as before the kids were sent home on December 15, according to education minister, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil.

A series of new demands and recommendations will be ushered in, including two weekly tests for pupils and staff, facemasks for staff and parents, and reduced contact between students. 

From the outset, it will be possible for parents to pick up free self tests at the schools – parents should keep an eye on the Aula school communication platform for when tests can be picked up.

Meanwhile, facemasks or visors will become mandatory for parents and visitors to schools, while staff will also be permitted to wear facemasks at schools, except for during class. 

Until now, teachers were only able to wear visors to ensure that children could see and understand their facial expressions. 

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Kids the main drivers
Schools are also urged to cancel social events and ensure that teaching only occurs in dedicated classrooms.

The government also recommends that the children don’t play with friends from other classes during recess and breaks. 

Finally, all drop offs and pick-ups of children should take place outdoors if possible.

There have been far more corona cases registered in schools this year compared to 2020. 

In week 49 almost 2,500 out of every 100,000 school kids aged 6-11 were infected, twice as many as any other age group.